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Strengthening Lifestyles

Office hours vary see current calendar for details
Director 701-255-3285 X 1357
Exercise Fitness Coordinator 701-255-3285 X 1367
Health Promotion Specialist 701-255-3285 X 1492
Activities Coordinator 701-255-3285 X 1355


The strengthening Lifestyles promote the concepts of wellness, academic excellence, civility and community to those utilizing our facilities and program participants, as well as to the United Tribes Technical College as a whole.  Our focus in student life encompasses the total wellness activities as we provide many different activities for the students.  See the monthly activity schedule on line for more details.  Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Fully equipped exercise facility
  • Exercise classes
  • Family focused events
  • Traditional and cultural activities

Strengthening Lifestyles

John Keller
Strengthening Lifestyles Director
Email: jkeller@uttc.edu
Phone: 701-255-3285 X 1357

Brienna Weisbeck
Fitness Exercise Coordinator
Email: bschwab@uttc.edu
Phone: 701-255-3285 X 1367

Devero Yellow Earring
Activities Coordinator
Email: dyellowearring@uttc.edu
Phone: 701-255-3285 X 1355

Kara Greenwood
Health Promotional Specialist
Email: kgreenwood@uttc.edu
Phone: 701-255-3285 X 1492

Jeremiah Nadeau 
Part Time Activities Coordinator
Email: nadeau.jeremiah@stu.uttc.edu
Phone: 701-255-3285 X 1355