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Lewis Goodhouse Wellness Center

Lewis Goodhouse Wellness Center
Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
Wellness Director 701-221-1777
Administrative Assistant 701-255-3285 Ext. 1264

The Lewis Goodhouse Wellness Center houses UTTC’s Community Wellness services.  UTTC has made a major commitment to the health and wellness of our student, staff and visitors within the campus community.  UTTC promotes a safe environment to experience diverse cultures, sample the mainstream, and focus on building the student’s future in a good way on their path of “Life Learning”

Our Wellness Center believes in the holistic approach, blending cultural practices with the best physical emotional, mental and spiritual care.  The Wellness Center provides student and staff with state of the art exercise equipment, supportive counseling services and healthy guidance- all with the support of spiritual growth using traditional methods.

The Wellness Center provides a multi-disciplinary approach enhanced by professionally trained staff.  The departments included are the Center for Academic and Personal Counseling, Psychological Services, Chemical Health Center, Student Health Center, Strengthening Lifestyles, and Domestic Violence Advocacy.

Director of Community Wellness

Stephanie Isaak
Email: sisaak@uttc.edu
Phone: 701-221-1777