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December 28, 2015


School Board Election
Theodore Jamerson school board elections were held October 8. Mandie Wood and Bernard Strikes Enemy are representatives from the UTTC employee category. Marlene Cook and Franki Jo Baker represent UTTC college students who have youngsters attending TJES. These three will join our current board members of Joey McLeod and Arden Boxer.

Speed Stack
TJES students took part Nov. 12 in a speed-stacking event sponsored by the World Sport Stacking Association. The tenth annual WSSA STACK UP set a new Guinness World Record for "Most People Sport Stacking at Multiple Locations in One Day."

A total of 618,394 stackers at 2,691 schools and organizations, in 30 countries took part.  To prepare, students participated in classroom stacking competitions, with these winners: Girls Division: Grade 2, Sage Yankton; Grade 3 Natasha Little Wounded; Grade 4 Laila Hernandez; Grade 5 Conceta Zephier; and Grade 6 Talese Bruguier. Boys Division: Grade 2 Kerwin Hollow; Grade 3 Lou O’Rourke; Grade 4 C.J. Hollow; Grade 5 Kaeleo Shoyo; and Grade 6 Silas Grotberg.

Results of TJES stacking, from left, Evelyn Jones, Isis Greywater and Fabien Jumping Eagle. TJES photo Twilla Smith

Hoop Shoot Champions
TJES held its annual Elks Hoop Shoot on October 14 at the James Henry Gymnasium. Winners were as follows. 8-9 year-old girls: Makyla McKay. 8-9 year-old boys: Tucker Keplin. 10-11 year-old boys: John James Knight. 12-13 year-old girls: Talese Bruguier. 12-13 year-old boys: Matthew Jackson. These winners qualified to compete in the local competition held at Wachter Middle School on December 5.
– Twilla Smith, TJES PE/Health


KEEPING KIDS WARM: Jana Millner and Joe Andino of UTTC’s Land Grant programs help create an early Christmas for Adin Siegfried, left, and Cayden Bad Warrior. The two youngsters were among TJES students in grades K-7 who received warm mittens and hats just in time for winter. A donation drive coordinated by Land Grant brought-in over 140 pairs from UTTC employees, staff, students and one community group. The big ‘THANK YOU’ goes to volunteers from the Burleigh County Senior Living Center in Bismarck who hand-crocheted more than 50 sets of hats and mittens. Thank you to everyone who donated!   
United Tribes News photo Alicia Hegland-Thorpe

Holiday Music Program

TJES Holiday music program, December 10, 2015.
United Tribes News photo Greg Pollert

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