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Free tutoring available to students
March 16, 2016


Alicia Hegland - Thorpe, United Tribes News

Randy Two Crow, student tutor, Henry Baang, professional tutor, Tasha Bordeaux, student tutor, Anjanette Parisian, Professional tutor. Photo credit-Alicia Hegland-Thorpe, United Tribes News

College can be a trying time for students. Whether students are experiencing the hardships of being away from home or overcoming academic obstacles, United Tribes Technical College offers several paths to wellness.

But when it comes to getting better grades, or preparing for those midterm or final exams, the school offers tutors. Carla Gerriets, United Tribes Retention Coordinator encourages students to seek out these tutors.

“There’s online tutoring, for example, at the Jack Barden Center computer lab, or anywhere where there is a computer, students just log in and get the help they need” says Gerriets.

“But we also offer face to face tutoring. This year we’ve added four professional tutors in addition to our two student tutors. These are people who have a degree and are already teaching in their field. Some tutors will even go into the classrooms in order to learn what the instructors require in order to help the students better.”

For those students who are parents, they will find that scheduling a tutor and finding adult supervision for their children is now easier than ever. The Boys and Girls Club of Three Affiliated Tribes, who recently extended their reach to UTTC, has agreed with Career Counseling services to provide assistance in watching children for a small fee while parents are scheduled with a tutor. The BCGTAT meets Monday through Friday from 3-6pm in the lower level of Sakakawea Hall. The fee is $1.00.

Gerriets says there are four professional tutors and two student tutors. Each tutor is listed by their specialty to help students with various or specific subjects.

Tutor: Specialty:
**Henry Baang: Upper level Math, Statistics, Algebra
**Anjanette Parisian: Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) Sciences, Biology
**Marge Palaniuk: Math
**Charles Swallow: Business classes, English, Accounting
Tasha Bordeaux: English, Math
Randy Two Crow: Business English, Writing

**denotes professional tutors

Career counseling is also a service offered to students to help write resumes and cover letters, prepare students for job interviews, and in some cases, introduce students to people working in a specific career field so students can learn from their experiences. Contact Camille Martel, UTTC’s new Career Counselor, at extension 1447 for more information.

Colleen Bredahl, UTTC Art Marketing instructor, adds that their department also offers student tutors Cherikie Tillman and Jacinta Ducheneaux. Cherikie is available Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00am - 12:00 noon, and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-5pm. Jacinta is available Monday through Thursday from 9am – 12noon and then again from 3pm to 5pm.

Online tutoring can be found at www.smarthinking.com or khanacademy.org. For more information call Carla Gerriets at extension 1446, or stop by Jack Barden Center room 201 to pick up a tutoring schedule.

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