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UTTC Recycling efforts donít go unnoticed
March 16, 2016

By Alicia Hegland Thorpe, UTN

Land Grant Extension Service’s Linda Hugelen and VISTA’s Joe Andino flatten boxes to save space in the single stream recycle receptacle. Photos by Alicia Hegland-Thorpe-United Tribes News

UTTC’s Healthy Community Coalition and the Land Grant Extension Recycling committee is piling up results. 

Last semester UTTC campus partnered with Waste Management to move to a single stream recycling system. Meaning, one receptacle for many different recyclable items, like glass, cardboard and aluminum and paper. Since its implementation in November, Waste Management shows that UTTC now diverts almost 20% of its trash to recycling efforts!  This means over 25 tons of material accumulated on campus is diverted into single stream recycling containers. This includes 12 and half tons of cardboard, 11 tons of paper, a ton of plastic, and aluminum and glass tying at almost a half-ton each.
The other 80% is waste-converted-to-energy. We can measure that by saying, we saved over 400 trees by recycling paper, we saved enough electricity to power 12 homes for a full year; enough paper was recycled to produce over 5 million sheets of paper and 95 cubic yards of landfill space was saved.
Great job to our Healthy Community Coalition and the Land Grant Extension Program on their recycling efforts. Way to go United Tribes for helping to Keep Mother Earth clean!

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