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Breakfast routine emphasized
March 11, 2016

STARTING THE DAY RIGHT: Kindergarten student Dion Blue Earth and his third-grade sister DiEnnis sampled a new breakfast treat March 11 at United Tribes Technical College. UTTC Extension Nutrition Educator Mara Yborra served Peanut Butter/Oatmeal breakfast balls for them and their mother, Marlene Cook, during an event to recognize National School Breakfast Week. The UTTC observance emphasized the importance of eating breakfast every day. Students that do, miss less school, do better in math, are more creative, and are 20-percent more likely to graduate high school. Over 50 youngsters from Theodore Jamerson Elementary School on the college campus attended the early-morning event. It was sponsored by UTTC’s Land Grant Extension programs. More info: Mara Yborra, 701-221-1435, myborra@uttc.edu.
United Tribes News photo DENNIS J. NEUMANN

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