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Interested in Cooking Healthy?
Janurary 14, 2016

UTTC Extension in the Recipe Business
By Wanda Agnew, UTTC Culinary Arts/Foodservice Instructor

UTTC Extension is working on a project to help families access a handy tool that can help with an idea or recipe for a healthy meal.

It’s a joint project with the Mountain Plains Food Distribution Program Nutrition Advisory Committee http://mprnac.com. The Committee represents 30 Tribal Food Distribution Programs on Indian Reservations (FDPIR), formerly called commodities. Their role is to plan nutrition education projects.

Dietitians Jana Millner and Mara Yborra, both UTTC Extension nutrition educators, developed nutritionally analyzed recipes for monthly recipe cards and a produce cookbook, which includes cultural food history and facts.

These cooking aids will be distributed to over 11,000 families living in Tribal nations in the Mountain Plains Region: North and South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado, Iowa and Utah.

If you know a family who participates with the highly-nutritious public health food resource program, FDPIR, tell them to ask the director for copies of the recipes. The recipes are tried and true, tasty, nutritious and easy.

For more info, contact us: 701-221-1734.

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