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UTTC Enrollment Services ‘One-Stop Shop’, New location
Janurary 4, 2016


ON THE MOVE: Jerome Addison of UTTC’s Maintenance department does the heavy lifting October 23 as Registrar Charles Gitter recognizes a box of his office equipment during a pre-planned series of office relocations on campus. Following major renovations, The Jack Barden Center (JBC) became a one-stop location for student services. The Enrollment Services Department now occupies the JBC upper-level along with other offices in the division of Student Services, including that of VP Kathy Johnson. A student computer lab, formerly located in the upper JBC, opened November 2 in the building’s lower level, serving from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays. The main access for student services is now through the south facing JBC entrance only. Opening of the student union, in the JBC lower level, is planned for early in 2016 during spring semester.

Enrollment Services includes admissions, recruitment, financial aid, registrar, career development, retention and student accounts. This moves offices from buildings 5 and 6 to upper level of JBC.

At rear, from left, registrar employees Angel Young and Aja Baker, and maintenance crew leader Bernard Strikes Enemy.

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