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The ripple effect campaign.....

Like ripples from a small peddle dropped into still waters, each student entering United Tribes starts a current that spreads from family to community to tribe to nation. The ripple effect is based on the idea that we are all connected. We can and do affect each other. We influence each other in ways that are small and in ways that are profound. Each idea, each poem, each teaching, innovation, song, drum beat, act of kindness, courage, smile… has a ripple effect. Every United Tribes student daring to be the first in his or her family to seek a college degree indirectly influences friends, cousins, aunties and uncles to envision the possibilities for themselves. Each child watching a parent attend college classes recognizes that opportunity for his or her future. Every community welcoming back a college graduate benefits from the education they bring home. Tribes have the skilled manpower necessary for economic development. The nation becomes stronger

......the ripple effect starts with you

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is United Tribes beginning a major gifts campaign now?

A. The majority of United Tribes operating funds come from the Federal government. Because operating funds and various programmatic initiatives for tribal colleges and universities (TCUs) come from the federal domestic discretionary budget they are subject an annual battle for budget consideration. With global economic conditions, United Tribes is facing increasing large challenges. This results in program insecurity and difficulty in planning, development. Most institutions of higher education provide their supporters with an opportunity to invest in the development of their students, programs, facilities, and faculty. For United Tribes, private support can provide security resulting in a margin of excellence.

Q. What is the purpose of the ripple effect campaign?

A. The Ripple Effect Campaign. will grow our endowment and capacity to meet the increasing demand for programs and services to build an educated workforce as well as fund one-time projects that enable students to excel. . Already serving over 1,000 students annually, the demand for UTTC’s programs continue to increase. Employers and residents alike are asking the College to increase its capacity to serve more students, to excel in providing quality and relevant education and training, and to ensure that affordability and accessibility are maintained.

Q. What are the objectives of the ripple effect campaign?

A. To build on United Tribes promise to provide affordable and accessible quality education and training by significantly increasing scholarships, strengthening student programs, investing in the professional development of our faculty and staff, and ensuring state-of-the art equipment and technology in our classrooms to meet the demands of our students and community.

Q. Why should i contribute to a federally-funded institution that already receives public money for programs and capital projects?

A. There is a great misconception that because United Tribes receives public funding, private funding is not needed. While we depend greatly on public funding for the College’s core operating budget, the learning environment today demands far more additional resources than can be traditionally met by government funding. United Tribes, like our state supported counterparts, must seek financial gifts from its friends in the private sector. Government funding creates an “acceptable” accredited College. Private sector gifts propel United Tribes to become an “exceptional” College in its ability to prepare today’s student for tomorrow’s economy.

Q. Why are endowment gifts important to this campaign?

A. Endowment gifts enable the College to invest in core endeavors to assure that they flourish over time. The endowment at United Tribes is invested and managed professionally and is overseen by the Board of Directors. Income from the endowment is directed to Scholarships and in priority funding needs. Endowment gifts have an impact over a long period of time by providing a reliable source of income that grows as the College grows.

Q. Is my campaign contribution to United Tribes Technical College tax deductible?

A. yes, to the fullest extent of the law.

Q. What types of gifts are you accepting?

A. Gifts of cash, stock, real property, and/or appreciative assets can be donated. Deferred gifts, life estate gifts, IRA rollovers, bequests, life insurance and other types of planned gifts can be accepted as well. United Tribes welcomes the opportunity to discuss these options and provide gift planning consultations. Irrevocable planned gifts of trusts, annuities, insurance, or life estate gifts will be recognized as part of the campaign objectives to increase permanent and endowed funds serving students.

Q. Will the campaign accept multi-year pledges?

A. Yes, gifts may be made payable to United Tribes Technical College up to five years. Donors are encouraged to elect a schedule of annual pledge payments to complete their pledge.

Q. What is the timeframe of the campaign?

A. The Ripple Effect Campaign has been in the planning stages since late 2010. All gifts that are recorded by the United Tribes beginning September 1, 2013 will be counted toward the overall goal of the campaign. Based upon the success of the campaign, plans are for the campaign to close in concert with the 50th anniversary of United Tribes Technical College in 2018.

Q. Will there be naming opportunities available to donors and families?

A. yes. in accordance with the approved policies of United Tribes Technical College, appropriate gift levels have corresponding naming opportunities including scholarships, endowments, programs and related facilities, laboratories, rooms and buildings.

Q. can gifts be designated for specific projects?

A. While United Tribes encourages gifts to the College to be as unrestricted as possible, the College welcomes donors’ interests and wishes regarding any restrictions placed on the gift. The College does preserve the right to decline any gift if it does not fit with the mission and core values of the College.

The Ripple Effect Campaign

The Ripple Effect Campaign
3315 University Drive
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