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Welcome from Admissions & Recruitment

United Tribes Technical College is excited to know that you are thinking about furthering your education and that you are considering our campus to help fulfill that dream.

We are committed to you, your future, and the future of your children. Your ancestors worked very hard to earn the right to build a better world for you. Now, it is your turn to continue this task and bring about a better world for your children. United Tribes Technical College believes in this mission and will work along with you to make this happen.

We at United Tribes consider ourselves a family. We welcome you to join our family, to see what you can do with our help to provide yourself with the education that will open your future and provide a path toward a successful, fulfilling life.

You may choose to complete an application at this time by clicking the Apply Now icon. If you would like to know about us first, please contact us at your convenience. Any of us in the Admissions and Recruitment Department would be glad to visit with you and answer your questions.

Wishing you a bright future,

Donovan G. Lambert, Director
Admissions & Recruitment

College Admissions Process

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7. Contact Your Advisor: Slide Down || Slide Up

8. Register for Classes: Slide Down || Slide Up

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10. Purchase Your Books: Slide Down || Slide Up

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