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Certificate: Exact Med Transcription Training

Graduates of the Medical Transcription Program, under the Continuing Education Division, are in a unique position to take advantage of the many home based jobs available in Medical Transcription. As we offer a competency based program, students only complete the training once they have achieved the industry standards. Employment in Medical Transcription is often done as a home-based job. We assist in finding suitable employment upon completion of the training for those students who achieve the industry standards. The Medical Transcription program offers open enrollment, so therefore classes begin monthly. Also as the program is competency based, it may vary as to the time it takes for each student to achieve the industry standards. This is a very individualized training. Typically students will complete the training in approximately 21 to 24 months if they remain on schedule (dedicating approximately 15 to 20 hours per week to the training). Upon completion of the training, you will receive Certificate Degree in Medical Transcription. This is delivered fully via on-line education. Train from home for employment from home. Pell funding for this program is available: please check current status with Financial Aid or Exact Med Advisor.


Exact Medical Transcription - (33 CORE Credits Required)

  • HIT 101 2cr. Medical Terminology I
  • HIT 102 2cr. Medical Terminology II
  • HIT 195 3cr. Legal Aspects of Healthcare
  • TRN 105 3cr. Fundamentals of MT
  • TRN 110 1cr. Beginning MT I
  • TRN 120 1cr. Beginning MT II
  • TRN 130 1cr. Beginning MT III
  • TRN 140 1cr. Beginning MT IV
  • TRN 150 1cr. Beginning MT Lab
  • TRN 205 2cr. Intermediate MT I
  • TRN 210 2cr. Intermediate MT II
  • TRN 215 2cr. Intermediate MT III
  • TRN 225 2cr. Intermediate MT IV
  • TRN 230 1cr. Intermediate MT Lab
  • TRN 255 2cr. Advanced MT I
  • TRN 265 2cr. Advanced MT II
  • TRN 270 2cr. Advanced MT III
  • TRN 275 2cr. Advanced MT IV
  • TRN 290 1cr. MT Capstone

Exact Med Transcription

Lynelle Boucher, RMT
Department Chair

Email: lboucher@uttc.edu
Phone: Ext. 1497